I'd like to welcome you to a personalized, geriatric medicine practice in the Greater Pasadena area. I am a geriatrician who specializes in the medical care of older adults. My mission is to provide a comprehensive care plan that is both personalized and outstanding. The central theme of each visit is to design a care plan that is specific to the needs of each of my patients.

I can play the role as a primary care physician or as a consultant to other doctors when specific questions arise about older adult medicine. My role as a primary physician is to set a platform that focuses on preventive care and coordination of care with other specialists in medicine.

As a geriatric trained specialist, I treat medical disorders that frequently affect the elderly, including falls and immobility, urinary incontinence (lack of bladder control), dementia, heart disease, osteoporosis and chronic pain.

I am also well trained to treat the various ailments in neurobehavioral and psychiatric medicine that frequently affect our older adult population. These behavior disturbances are so common, yet often so subtle in nature that are often not discussed with your primary care provider. These ailments are often associated with chronic conditions such as dementia, strokes, parkinson's disease and generalized frailty.

My services extend from the clinic to assist homebound patients in the Greater Pasadena area. I am extremely involved in training the staff in various home health services, care management and hospice/palliative teams. I can help with in-home services, exercise, wellness programs and other resources that may assist some of our frail, older adult population who are mostly homebound.

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